"The key to any game is to use your strengths and hide your weaknesses." - Paul Westphal


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The Softball Season has ended, now your work begins

The summer softball season has ended. As you return to school or prepare to return to school don't forget your recruiting homework. Perhaps you have changed teams or gone up in age group. Maybe your family moved, you got a new email address or phone number. If any of your personal contact information had changed or you are on a new team you need to be sure that any school in your list of contacts or possibilities is aware of those changes. In any case this is a good time to communicate...

Gary Haning
Written by Gary Haning Aug 19, 2012

Enhancing Travel Ball play with your High School Team

Here in California as well as much of the rest of the country high school softball is underway. In California's CIF Southern Section they have altered the rules in the past few years to allow pretty much unlimited contact between the school coach and athlete throughout the year, in the San Diego Section and others there is almost no contact allowed with outside teams during the high school season. Various other CIF Sections have rules in between the two extremes but wherever your travel...

Gary Haning
Written by Gary Haning Feb 10 2013

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